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eox-logo-800We’re so pleased you decided to stop by our blog section of the EOX website!  Here we post whatever we feel is relevant to EOX, and it’s also where we end up answering customer questions that get asked a lot, to help as many people as possible.

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We pride ourselves on the purity and quality of our essential oils, both manufactured and packaged in a GMP facility that follows the strict guidelines set out by the FDA.  We know where any of our oils come from since we personally know each individual manufacturer.  And, we especially know where some of our oils come from because we’re the ones who steam distill them into a finely-crafted essential oil.  Lavender was our first venture into oil crafting, and it remains on of our Top Sellers!

It’s not entirely fair to our exclusive EOX blends since they’re a new arrival, but we’re sure we’re start to see some of them appear here soon enough!  As always, we’re here for you!  Our experts are always a phone call or email away.  All of our essential oils have Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Authenticity for every one of them; something we’re infinitely proud of.  Is there’s anything else you want to see us carry, just let us know, and there’s a great chance we’ll add it to the site.

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Chamomile for Pain and Anxiety - I’m not one to throw supposed benefits around brazenly when it comes to herbal products, and especially, perhaps, with essential oils. I am the eternal skeptic, but one who is willing to do what it takes to examine both sides of an issue with the vigor required to get a balanced answer that I am […]
Effects of Inhaled Essential Oils - What wonderfully complex liquids essential oils are! They’ve been used since ancient times in multiple systems of medicine as well as for the sheer pleasure of them. Most commonly acquired through steam distillation, authentic essential oils are seeing a Renaissance of sorts, as people look towards natural means of helping support a widening variety of ailments. […]
Scientific Proof of Essential Oil Effectiveness - Introduction The title may seem like a bold statement, but there is now what I could safely call a “mountain” of evidence in relation to the uncanny ability of essential oils to have very tangible effects on our brain. That means essential oils are quite “psychoactive,” and actually have the power to affect our mood, […]
Verifying Genuine Essential Oils at Home - All it takes is some simple math regarding the essential oil industry to realize that a large portion of essential oils in the marketplace are not genuine essential oils (reports of 25% – 40% of essential oils may be adulterated, diluted, or outright fake). Something you get when you buy from EOX is not only great […]
Art & Music of Blending Essential Oils - One of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had is as a formulator.  Blending raw ingredients to make genuine herbal products to find that perfect scent or healing blend actually enriches our space or helps ourselves or others; it never gets old and I doubt it ever will.  There truly is an art and a music to […]
Shocking EO Industry Statistic - There is an alarming statistic regarding the essential oil industry: There are not enough essential oils being produced to account for the amount of products on the market claiming to be essential oils! In short: There are a large amount of bunk products in the marketplace claiming to be something they are not. The math is quite […]
Why Plants Make Medicinal Chemicals - Introduction Once upon a time, about 400-500 million years ago, plants and insects were co-evolving right around the same time. Insects mostly feed on plants, and new species of plants were popping up all over the world, which provided an abundant feast of a food source for insects. A shared trait among every living entity, regardless of […]
Essential Oils for Headaches - Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints; they can be caused by stress, muscle tension, hunger, eye strain from too much screen time, or deeper medical conditions. Luckily, there are many essential oils for headaches that can help reduce pain and tension. What’s more, using essential oils to treat headaches is often as […]
Mimosa Oil for a Healthy Emotional Balance - Although they share a common name, the mimosa from which mimosa essential oil is extracted is Acacia dealbata, and not the tropical tree Albizia julbrizzins [1]. Once again, it’s important when buying essential oils to make your purchase by the genus-species label so that you are certain of what you’re getting! True mimosa essential oil […]
Pure Birch Oil and Its Traditional Use as a Muscle Liniment - Pure birch essential oil is almost 100% methyl salicylate—the same therapeutic compound used in liniments to soothe muscle aches and painful joints—which may be why birch oil was a popular folk remedy for sore joints, sprains, and muscle aches caused by overexertion [1]. All parts of this beautiful tree have been used by people living […]
Calendula Oil and Its Benefits in Treating Psoriasis - Calendula…even the name is soothing and speaks of the fragrant warmth of this lovely and underappreciated essential oil! Steam distilled from the golden yellow or orange petals of the Old World marigold, calendula essential oil is a renowned skin salve that may be especially helpful in controlling the symptoms of psoriasis and other related skin […]
Can Essential Oils Ever Be Ingested? - The practice of ingesting essential oils is one of the more contentious issues in aromatherapy. Ask a dozen different aromatherapists and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers as to the efficacy and safety of taking essential oils internally. Many essential oils are distilled from edible plants such as oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, and […]