Newsletter 1 – August 2012

I. What’s New?

Well, for starters… the Essential Oil Exchange! We are happy to report that July was a very successful first full month. We got a lot done, and we have a lot more to do… but we are very grateful to everyone who has participated in all of the many ways that have made the EOX launch a great success thus far.

Since this is the premier newsletter issue we’ve opted for keeping newsletters very simple… plain text for the email, an online version, and one or two issues per month… nobody likes too many emails!

II. Essential Oils & Aromatherapy: What is Therapeutic Grade?

This article, while longer than most people may want to read, explains many things about the essential oil market, how things work, and why we take the positions we do about certain things when it comes to the EOX and the choices we make. We’ve been around this block a long time, and while not everyone agrees with our position, we think it’s good to be clear about it so that everyone can have transparency in their personal choices about essential oils… as well as knowing why they are making them.

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy: What is Therapeutic Grade?

If you do take the time to read this entire article, please let us know and leave a comment at the end to share your thoughts. We’d love to know what you think too.

III. Current Specials!

We want to express our gratitude and give something back to every one of our newsletter subscribers… so here is an online coupon code for 15% off all products (excluding the membership) that is good through August 15, 2012 and expires at midnight.

Coupon Code: [Coupons are for newsletter subscribers only.]

(Coupons cannot be applied retroactively to previous orders.)

If you have not yet subscribed to the newsletter, please do so in the sidebar of the website… that is the only way to get the coupon codes that make the specials work! You may have missed this one, but you will still get an instant coupon and you will be on the list for the next subscriber-only special.

IV. Save 50% with a Premium Membership!

Everyone can shop on the EOX at our already great prices, but if you upgrade to a Premium Membership you get 50% off all prices… for only $10 per month!

Premium Membership Details

Premium members get their 50% discounts, AND they get to to use the coupon codes just like everyone else… when you add that up, you can save a lot!

V. Connect with the EOX…

Everyone has a favorite place to connect. While we will probably be most active on Facebook and LinkedIn, we don’t want to neglect our customers who have other preferences.

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