Welcome to the Essential Oil Exchange!

Welcome to the Essential Oil Exchange!The pursuit of our personal interests often propels us deeper into new territory… and sometimes overwhelming choices.

When you first discover Essential Oil Exchange, you might just be starting to learn about essential oils, aromatherapy, and natural crafting. Whether you have been around the diffuser for a long time or just getting started, great information will be posted here that may be of further assistance to you on your aromatic journey… whether you buy oils from the EOX or not.

If you do choose to purchase essential oils from us, check out any oil we have to offer, and you will find a Certificate of Authenticity on every single essential oil we offer.  As of this writing, we don’t know anyone else who does this.  Everything you ever wanted to know about your essential oil is included, from the method of extraction, to the active components, to the origin of the oil.

And, with such meticulous data at your fingertips, rest assured that I personally take the time to not just source every essential oil EOX has to offer; I visit every one of our suppliers to examine their extraction methods, sourcing, and quality assurance for each of their oils.

Our pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are manufactured under strict GMP conditions.  We’re proud of this fact, especially as just about anyone with a computer, a Square account, and a printer can sell essential oils online.  At EOX, you’re not just buying the best quality essential oils I can find, you’re purchasing two decades of knowledge and experience with essential oils (as of this writing).

I truly want to encourage you to continue learning about essential oils and all the cool things they can be used for… so I’ll post here as often as I can, especially since I started a new category called “The Science of Plants” as a way to expand your knowledge of the plants that go into making the essential oils you adore.  So come back to visit now and then and see what’s new and please share your thoughts, ideas for articles, or even your favorite blends.

Keith Cleversley & the EOX Team

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