Geranium Oil and Cellular Regeneration in Irritated Skin Conditions

Geranium Oil and Cellular Regeneration in Irritated Skin ConditionsElegant and colorful geraniums graciously compliment gardens across America, but they are native to South Africa, Madagascar, Morocco, and Egypt. Geraniums were introduced to Spain, Italy, France, and England in the 17th century, and they made their way to America around the same time.

These beauties were considered sacred messengers in old Anglo-Saxon beliefs about the god Wotan. The fertility power of the geranium petals was one underlying belief, but they were also prominently displayed in ceremonies to attract prosperity and abundance. Modern research has identified a hormone-balancing ability in geranium oil, so those old fertility claims may not be as crazy as the medical profession said they were back in the 20th century.

Geranium oil has natural antiviral, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antidepressant, analgesic, antiseptic, and astringent properties and it also has deodorizing capabilities. The oil has cicatrisant properties as well, so it is used to reduce the appearance of surgery scars, acne, and minor burns. The regenerative properties of this essential oil make it an excellent choice when wrinkles and flabby skin develop as the body ages. There are 700 different varieties of geraniums, but only ten of them produce an essential oil.

The astringent quality of geranium essential oil helps alleviate eczema and psoriasis and the antimicrobial properties help heal cuts, scratches, and other minor abrasions. The oil is also an effective treatment for ringworm. Bruises and even hemorrhoids can be treated with geranium oil since it interacts with cells not only in the skin, but with cells in other organs in the body.

This cellular interaction impacts the hormones, so geranium oil is very effective when it comes to treating excessive hemorrhaging and menstrual problems. Hot flashes disappear since the oil is balancing hormone secretion. The oil also helps support normal liver and kidney functions because of its interaction with the adrenal glands.

The uplifting emotional qualities of geranium oil are also obvious. While the oil is creating a balance between dry and oily skin, it is also relieving excess stress and anxiety at the same time. Hormonal messages are sent to the brain as well as to the cells in the skin and other organs. A sense of well-being permeates the body and mind so tension, depression, fluid retention, eczema, edema, bruises, cellulite, and menstrual irregularities are addressed, especially when the oil is used in an overall wellness program.

Geranium oil can be massaged into the skin, diluted in a bath, or blended with bergamot, lavender, citronella, jasmine, clary sage, neroli, and cedarwood to alleviate a plethora of skin issues and balance cellular regeneration.